25 Men Who Went Above And Beyond For Their Proposals

Is there anything more beautiful and pure than love? Yes, it seems that love is the most beautiful thing in this world and what does one do when they’re in love? Get married, of course! Why love and marriage are so intertwined, you could say that they go together like a horse and carriage! But first comes the proposal, and check out the way these next few gentlemen proposed to their future partners. It’s pretty darn adorable!

1. Love mountain.This surprise proposal was perfectly executed on Disney’s famous log flume, Splash Mountain. You can only imagine her reaction once she saw her on-ride photo pop up on the gift shop screen.

2. Proposal peakThis view, of what seems to be pride rock, is one of the most romantic places anyone could propose. Hopefully, she doesn’t faint with joy, that would make for an awkward trip home.

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