Multiple Luminous UFOs Appeared Live On Air On Fox6 News In Milwaukee (VIDEO)

A bizarre UFO sighting showing dozens of moving lights emerged live on air on Fox6 News and immediately inspired a controversial discussion in the online society.


It quickly went viral on social media where people had no other thing but to wonder whether the mysterious objects come from another planet.

Only by watching the video of the light objects in the Milwaukee’s sky, many people concluded it must have been UFOs.

Credit: Fox News Milwaukee

What did Fox6 News’s cameras actually caught over the city of Milwaukee?

Fox came forward with their possible explanation of the case. They said the objects caught on camera might have actually been seagulls.

But really Fox? Bright seagulls were flying over the sky of Milwaukee at 5 AM in the morning?

Reporter Amy DuPont posted a Twitter post explaining her point of view. She said there was a delay in the recording from the cameras which made it seem as if the seagulls were leaving a luminous trace behind them.

Of course, this story was more than enough to provoke many theorists to purport this rationalization as ridiculous.

“This is just another case of the government attempting to hide another UFO encounter by putting out some ridiculous explanation for it,” said one Facebook user.

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