Two “Alien” Beings Inside UFO: Turkish Government Verified Footage (VIDEO)

Have you ever heard of the Kum­burgaz, Turkey UFO incident?

It was an event that spanned a few days, that produced footage, a video that has been verified as authentic by the Turkish government. That’s not necessarily that it authentically shows two alien beings inside a craft as some people have suggested, but they confirmed the footage is real.

The government confirmed the authenticity of the video in the sense that it was analyzed by the Scientific and Technology Research Board of Turkey, which is sponsored by the government, and they can vouch for the authenticity. The government agency connected entity said:

“In conclusion, even though a detailed analysis of the footage is conducted, it might still remain unidentified. Hence, other reference objects need to be recorded in the same frame with the disputable object and further shootings need to be done by ourselves with special equipment in the same location and conditions.

Accordingly, the term “UFO” (Unidentified Flying Object) which has been used for these sort of dubious objects can also be used for these objects. But, this definition does not mean that these objects are from extraterrestrial (flying saucer etc.) origin.” 

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