Ufologists Say 8-Foot Humanoid Aliens Have Visited Earth (VIDEO)

Alien hunters widely believe that this data became open by one of the supposed beings from Alpha Centauri who using hypnosis talked through the mouth of a human being.

However, the story of the so-called Cenos aliens goes far beyond that just a regular alien story. Read more to get to know it.

Back in 1957, a group of psychologists in California observed a woman under hypnosis. Through the mouth of this woman, the alien being ‘Hands’ talked to the doctors explaining how he originates from a planet in the Alpha Centauri System.

Further details of the conversation were published in a 1976 book called Hands: The True Account – A Hypnotic Subject Reports on Outer Space, by California psychologists Margaret Williams and Lee Gladden.

The being ‘Hands’ described himself as an alien which possesses eight hands.

Regarding his alien race, he said they are very strong, they have many hearts, don’t suffer from any diseases, don’t sleep and live about 120 years. Also, he described them as beings with elongated skulls and skins with large pores.

In addition, he described them as aliens who have grey spacesuits and grey helmets. They move around in spaceships that remind of a vast spinning tape recorder.

This alien civilization has come to our planet in the ancient time and during World War II. But ufologists go as far as to claim that Cenos aliens still live secretly among us people.

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